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Paul White - Tip Top Supplies LLC, Co-Founder.

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Welcome to our TipTop Prime Store. We are a trusted store with a A Accreditation, so all I'm asking is for you to decide for yourself by looking at our unblemished record with the Better Business Bureau, since 2010.

You decide, - what do you think?

With our A Accreditation with the BBB, you can be assured that you have found a Trusted Company.
The data shows, that if something goes wrong, WE FIX IT.

You made the right decision to come here......

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Photo of my wife Shirley, and son Caleb and myself with Rudy Giuliani.

 Getting to this stage, in our online wholesale business, like many others, as not been an easy one to say the least, but by the grace of God and His strength, Shirley and I have made it over many many hurdles. One of those hurdles was, - Caleb (above), our youngest child was "still born", and after 12 minutes of his heart not beating, and the doctors determination not to give up, we were given the best gift ever, "HIS LIFE". Wow! Yet the next years weren't easy, but we got through it and are so so thankful today!

I first met Shirley 45 years ago when she came to New Zealand, from Texas, for a working holiday. In our young peoples church group, she played the piano and I the base guitar and the rest of the story was a match made in heaven :-)

(By the way, if you haven't figured it out, she's a Texan and I'm a New Zealander)

We made 3 wonderful sons in NZ, and 10 years ago we all moved back to Texas, where we are living now.

I'm actually a kitchen builder by trade and also been occupied in buying and selling real estate for many years. However, even though we still dabble in real estate a little, we really really enjoy selling our own products on line, as many of them are our very own Tip Top labeled products.

We chose the name Tip Top because of what it means, as we only sell, top quality, tiptop products. People buy from us with the confidence that we have also earned the highest A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, ~ we are a trusted company.

We love communicating with our buyers on a personal level, and welcome you questions and or suggestions by calling us on (817) 756-7546.

May His blessings be on us all,


Here's a picture of myself and Stedman Graham, Oprah's boyfriend. I've meet him three times now. He's actually a very humble man, and a pleasure to be with.  And hey, - I'm not short, hes really really tall!!!  :-)


No, I haven't meet Donald Trump, but here I am with George Ross, Trumps Attorney, at a friends house in Austin Texas. Can you remember George Ross, on the Trumps TV Apprentice program?